Creativity is the focus, the core activity that ties all the parts of the process together.

The first thing to create is the song. Words and music work together to become something more, something magical and often times moving and powerful.


Everyone has a unique story to tell, a story that is worth telling and worth hearing.

It may be personal and emotional, it may be about the family or about its history. The story can be about a special place or a simple yet profound moment in time. As long as it is your own story - expressed in your words and in your way - it can be full of feeling and poetry.


Music communicates feeling and creates an emotional context, it makes us receptive to the words and images of the song. Combined, the words and music inspire and transport the listener.

By instilling a deep respect for the craft of writing and composing, and by establishing a tireless work ethic, the opportunity to create songs becomes a way to find personal empowerment. Learn to trust your own intuition, to find beauty and rhythm in your own self expression, to 'hear' the music and to let the music tell you what it needs. Learn to self assess and self critique in positive, constructive ways, and to work tirelessly to make the right choices, to craft the best songs you possibly can.


Learn the techniques of recording using timeless principles and the latest digital tools. Learn to understand the recording process and to use best practices to create your own CD's, MP3's, Podcasts and more. Learn to improve your "studio" performance techniques and learn to properly use the microphones to your best advantage, whether as a performer or as a recording engineer. Learn how to use software and hardware, and learn how to create your own recording studio without spending tons of money. Get tips and guidance from some of the best engineers and producers in the business as well, as you learn to perform, record and produce "demos" of your own original songs. Experience the pride and joy of hearing yourself, and of hearing your creation come to life!


Learn about the music business through "hands-on" opportunities to perform for live audiences, or maybe have your music played on the radio or at a hotel in the lobby, restaurant or nightclub. Learn about the concept of intellectual property as you register your copyrights and distribute your songs. Learn how to rehearse a show, and if you are very lucky like the kids in the picture from Molokai and Lanai, experience life "on the road" as you take part in a concert tour and perform your own creative works. Meet new people, collaborate, and see for yourself, firsthand, what it takes to put on a professional show on a real stage in a real theater. Will you be an up-and-coming star in the making? Develop the skills and the work ethic it will take to get you there and get prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that you create for yourself. Empower your life!